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Very few people have the financial means to go out and buy a car with cash in hand. In most cases, an auto loan is required to purchase a vehicle. Are you considering purchasing a car with an auto loan but are unsure how the loan process works? On my site, you will find the answers to the many questions you likely have. You will learn about interest rates, the application process, how a lien works, and the insurance requirements that most lenders require you to maintain. Take your time and learn everything about auto loans to be sure you fully understand how the process works before falling in love with a car.

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Advantages To Selecting A Bank With Video Banking Services

You may have seen a new feature with some banks: video banking solutions. Video banking is an extension of ATMs, but they have many distinct advantages over traditional banking. Video banking lets you talk directly to a representative through a remote machine. If you're able to find a bank that offers video banking, there are some notable features that you'll be able to take advantage of: 

Talk to a Customer Service Representative Out of Hours

A video banking system makes it possible to talk to a customer service representative or a banking teller even out of hours. Many people find it difficult to go to the bank during business hours because they have to be at work. Like an ATM, a video bank is often available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Video banking services can be outsourced into different time zones, and they don't require the overhead of keeping a brick-and-mortar location available.

Withdraw Cash With Ease

At a video bank, you can request more flexible withdrawal options than you'd otherwise have available. You can request an exact amount (such as $108 rather than $100), and you can request larger amounts than you'd usually be able to. Many traditional ATMs have a low limit on how much cash you can take out, to prevent fraud; you can override this on a video terminal, because it's very similar to talking to a teller in person.

Get Questions Answered

An ATM cannot answer your questions, but a video bank can. You may find yourself wondering about your bank balances, your interest rates, or even your loan possibilities. A video bank can give you some general answers on your accounts and the products and services that the bank provides, thereby making it easier for you to get the customer service you need from anywhere.

No Debit Card Needed

With a video banking solution, you don't need to have your debit card or checkbook with you to complete a transaction. Instead, you just need to answer some challenge questions and confirm that you are who you say you are. As people begin to move away from physical items (such as debit cards) this becomes a far more convenient way to complete transactions.

Not many banks provide video banking solutions yet, as it is still cutting-edge, new technology; however, it's likely to become more popular over time, as customers increasingly move towards online banks.